About Graceham Moravian Church

Graceham Moravian Church is…

A Long-Established Church

As a congregation of the Moravian Church, Graceham offers the rich traditions and heritage of our ancestors. Moravians first entered Frederick County, Maryland in the 1740's at the invitation of local Lutheran residents seeking a teacher and spiritual leader. Many soon settled in the area and established their own identity. The Graceham congregation was officially organized in 1758.

A Family Church

We are a family-oriented church which seeks to minister to the needs of individuals. Single parent families, couples, singles, and traditional families all come together to form the loving, caring family of God.

A Friendly Church

The Graceham Moravian Church is a warm,loving, caring congregation. Friendliness and fellowship are essential to our ministry. Visitors and newcomers are always welcome at Graceham.

A Growing Church

We are a fellowship of Christians who are growing in our faith together. This concern for growth is evidenced in our commitment to the Christian education of our children and adults, and our desire to share God's love with all people. Come grow with us.


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